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Techniques that work best to avoid allergic reactions on people for sensitive eyes

  • Techniques that work best to avoid allergic reactions on people for sensitive eyes
  • Accelerate the drying of the glue:
  • 1) After each application or during the application if the client's eyes are sensitive, you can use rubbing alcohol to dissipate the vapors from the glue and speed the drying.Take 2 micro brushes while the client still has her eyes closed and protected by patches andtape.Dip the tip of one of a micro brushes (fine tip) in a sterilizing solution of alcohol 90% (boughtin pharmacies), remove any excess by brushing the extension, and placing a sponge or microbrush(medium or large) under the eyelashes to protect the eye.Brush the lashes one by one with the micro-brush.Placing the micro-brush or sponge under the eyelashes that have to be cleaned is essential toavoid the alcohol from going directly in the eye.Rubbing Alcohol 90% by composition, destroyed all the germs and glue vapor and dries theglue instantly. This technique works in 95% of cases for people with sensitive eyes and allergies.iLashcandy© 302) Sweat, oily skin, pool chlorine, pollen or lack of air conditioning and heat are mainallergen factors in preventing the glue from effectively work properly.
  • To obtain the best results from your glue, it is advisable to do the following:
  • The glue becomes more concentrated as it is used and its level decreases and this increases thevapors that dissipate (even if it is a month-old and you use it very often.)• If a client has watery eyes, the eyes may become red, but it is not an allergic reaction, it's just a normal reaction to the composition of the glue (90% alcohol may be aremedy).• You need to change your glue after 3 months or sooner if you notice a change in its consistency. The properties of the glue having been altered due to the environment(Heating, air conditioning, frequent opening / closing).• Try to limit the input / output air from the bottle too frequently. A few drops are sufficient for an application. The more air coming /going out of the bottle, the less theglue will last longer.• Before each use, shake the glue well and get rid of the first drop. Check that the consistency of your glue is still good and use 90% alcohol as recommended after theapplication. Then wait 4-5 minutes before letting your client open her eyes. A bloweror a fan will help speed up a little the drying.These safe conditions have to be followed and are not recommended for those who don’t havea beautician diploma, who are not trained in eyelash extensions or who are not insured for theapplication of extensions with their institute, regardless of the level of precaution you take.Any person who is not accustomed to working around the eyes must be very vigilant.The "homemade" lotion to clean the extensions that you should provide your clients after theapplication of extensions.It costs nothing to prepare and allows that after 3, 4 or 5 weeks 85% of the eyelashes are holding.Offer some micro-brushes and small bottles that you can fill with this

Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Whats the best eyelash Extension Glue?
     Magic- Speed is FDA approved and by far the fasted setting
     Magic Flex is most comfortable
        Tip  alternate the two formulas to achieve the most comfortable and stronest hold


Adecil® by CilsFrance -"The Best Eyelash extension Glues" with the largest choices on the market, has been the leader in eyelash adhesives and eyelash extension innovations since 2006.
Our extensive range of eyelash adhesives provides options for all levels of expertise.

A very experienced lash technician will benefit from our fastest drying glue, Adecil Prostar, which drys in ultra fast time

A beginning lash technician will benefit from our slowest and purest drying glues, Adecil ("Lente") Slow or Medical (white cap and Hypoallergenic).
or Adecil "Pure".
There is also the newest additions to the range,Adecil Climate Normal or Dry Adhesive
And our Best Top Notch European Adhesive and organic eyelash extension Remover- Lash -Link" and "Un-Link".
Lash-Link is the only glue that drys in 2 hours -so no more waiting 24 -48 to shower exercise or get wet.

Your clients will enjoy long lush and natural ong eyelashes that will last for 3 to 5 weeks depending on eyelash growth.

A Signature Selection of the best Adhesives worldwide to satisfy the most sensitive,demanding and sophicated clientel.|

How to use your glue

How To Use It
1/Gently shake the glue bottle for 1 minute before using it and done EVERYTIME before using it.  You want to make sure the pigment as well as the other ingredients are mixed well. If the glue seems a different shade than usual, put the cap back shake it  again.
2/ Place 1-2 drops of glue onto a jade stone. This keeps the glue cool and allows you to use the glue without wasting it.
3/Pick up a strand of lash with your tweezer and coat the bottom half or two-third with the glue. Do not be too sparing with the glue. Run the lash through the glue and when you see some tiny droplets of glue on the lash, you have the appropriate amount of eyelash glue and can proceed to adhere the eyelash.
 4/ You can create longer lasting eyelash extensions by paying attention to your eyelash extensions glue. All eyelash extensions glues are formulated to dry quickly so that you do not have to hold on to the lashes for a long time while waiting for the glue to dry. While on the jade stone, the surface of the eyelash glue may have dried and some eyelash extensions technicians may not be aware of this and while they coat the eyelash with the glue, they may in fact by coating it with a film of dried glue. Therefore, make sure that the surface of the drop of eyelash glue on your jade stone is kept fresh by using a toothpick to run through the surface if necessary.
 5/ Make sure to clean the opening of the eyelash extension glue and securely close the cap. This will prevent your eyelash extensions glue from drying out prematurely

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